Thursday, January 24, 2019

Skip's Farm Shop

15215 Nokomis Rd, Nokomis IL 62075

7:30 AM - 4:00 PM

Outstanding speakers and program to provide the latest and greatest news and tips to help you increase profits in your operation.

There will be equipment on site as well as precision and grain management system displays.

Plan to make a day of it! 

7:30     Coffee & Doughnuts

8:00     Jake Ralph- Equipment Lead- Welcome!

8:15    Andy Waters, Precision Lead- New in Precision 2019

9:15    Caleb Stahl, OPI Lead- OPI Advanced Grain Management

10:00   Break

10:15   Dr. Ken Wacha- USDA ARS, Ames IA, Post Grad Research

             Soil Health, Soil- Water Interactions

11:15   Brian Tulley- Low Mu Tech, New Release Soy Seed Lubricant

11:45   Networking, View Displays

12:15   Lunch

1:00     Jason Webster- Precision Planting Agronomist, Manager- Precision          Research Farm, Pontiac, IL- 2018 Research Farm Results

2:15     Jean Payne- Pres., IL Fertilizer and Chemical Assoc.- Bloomington, IL

  4-Rs in Agriculture, New Dicamba Rules

3:15     Networking with Linco Precision Team and Speakers